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Once upon a time I met someone named John. We liked each other well enough at our first coffee date and we took a wild ride through the Los Gatos hills after. I think he gave me a quick peck goodnight and that was that. Of course, I really liked him, really, really. So we started to email and we became friends. He told me he wasn't attracted to me that way but our friendship grew. He had two small kids and we all started doing things together like pizza, ice cream and visits to my place, all in early evening with the kids. He would kiss me, sometimes a lingering kiss, but would say he didn't like me that way. Make a long story short, he met someone, a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body, a rich gal, and he became glued to her. But, she was a jetsetter and left every weekend, so he spent some of his weekends with me, meeting for coffee most saturday mornings. This is an important story because this man became a good friend, over two years we were friends, despite his woman and other women he dated behind her back. Continually, we were just friends. Then one day he emailed that since he was so successful with a rich and beautiful gal that our friendship would have to end. And that was about 5 years ago. I heard last year that he never married that gal even tho he proposed. He is with someone new. I know I will always love him and I miss the friendship greatly. I have tried to find him, but have not been successful. Moral of the story to me is, we can make friends here, good friends, not involving sex, just two human beings sharing their life, kids, whatever. I wish I could meet someone like him again, someone who would be my friend thru thick and thin and for whom I could be there to share his sad dating and love life stories. Where is my John? Only the angels know.

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