Claryville Matherly: Now the unions are screwed.

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Lets make up words like garniverous and schmung. As in Oh my gawd, did you see that garniverous chick? Undeniable schmung. Or wazooticus. I got touged in the wazooticus at the sloshball finals. Didnt feel it, though. Touged is a personal favorite. Has already been thought up and taken on a life of its own, however. If we get really ambitious, we can come up with a fantastic fleet of these words and play Scrabble with them. Or Boggle. See I know how to entertain, baby. Or we could just drink some fine, imported water and jog across the GG bridge in Hefty bags and goggles singing John Jacob Jingleheymer Schmidt. Always a crowd pleaser. If you have any further suggestions, I am open to them. Anything involving sunsets, moonlit walks, candlelight, or anything with too much of an emphasis on that special pet in your life will not be considered, and will probably make me throw up a little in my mouth. Stats cut and pasted for the 3000th time and sent to every w4m ad on the list will prompt a slow shake of the head and a barely audible utterance under my breath of something complimentary like wogtard. Or shmung. Im thin actually, athletic, tall enough, pretty, independent, and serious. Of course I have a body that sets small piles of brush afire. Please restore my faith in the belief that Craig hasnt created a list factory that pumps out clones who all reply to posts like mine with a list of stats and a script, and who look like Don Knotts. No offense. Luv the man. Sweet. Thank you in advance. Oh, PS, Im in my late 50s. Please be around that. If you are and would normally write to a F/2040, please skip me and good luck finding your near daughter. Pic appreciated will singicitously exchange.

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